Financial Donations

Please show your support for Great Parks by making a contribution to one of the funds below. Any amount, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated and will be put to the service of your Great Parks!



General Fund

Great Parks of Hamilton County manages nearly 17,000 acres of greenspace, more than any other conservation organization in Hamilton County. The Great Parks Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that we meet the challenge of preserving these resources for future generations by supporting a variety of Great Parks’ projects.


Bridle Trail Fund

Help provide safer, sustainable and more enjoyable horse trails at Miami Whitewater Forest.

Contributions to the Bridle Trail Fund are used to combat erosion and provide general maintenance of 7.8 miles of wooded horse trails.



Financial assistance for the continual operation and maintenance of the Simmonds Family Dog Park at Miami Whitewater Forest is provided by the MABLOTZ Fund. The fund was established in 2014 by Mr. Jerry Lotz in memory of his canine companions – Mitzy, Annie and Bandit Lotz. Additional contributions to the fund will help Great Parks continue to provide a wonderful place for dogs to play and exercise.


Reforestation Fund

In response to ongoing threats from invasive species – including the emerald ash borer and bush honeysuckle – Great Parks pledged to plant 60,000 trees throughout the park district by 2016. Great Parks surpassed that goal by October 2016 when the 100,000th tree was planted. The Reforestation Fund helps purchase trees and related planting supplies for this important effort.


Scholarship Program

The Great Parks Foundation believes that all members of our community should have access to all that the great outdoors has to offer. Your support of the Scholarship Program can connect a child with nature through learning experiences such as horseback riding lessons, day camps, school and scout programs and other nature programming.